Country under construction

Construction workers in Tbilisi
Construction workers in Tbilisi

Somehow I keep coming back in Georgia: this time I went with my friend for a two-week holiday. We stayed in a beautiful apartment in the old part of Tbilisi, a place I can really recommend anyone visiting the town. Next to that, a long-time wish came true: to see Svaneti, a mountainous region in the north-west and the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus.

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Georgië voor gevorderden

Georgia on Googlemaps
Kaart van de Kaukasus

Lezende in Jelle Brandt Corstius’ zeer vermakelijke boek ‘Rusland voor Gevorderden’ herinnerde ik mij dat ik ooit, toen ik zelf aan het overleven was in Georgië, een Hyves blog had bijgehouden. Die Hyves account bestaat al een poosje niet meer omdat Hyves plus Facebook bijhouden me wat teveel gedoe werd. Maar voor de Georgië fans heb ik het weer even opgezocht. Lees verder in Georgië voor gevorderden

Space Invaders

spaceinvader streetart
Space invaders in Paris

In the last week of winter 2011 we took the very comfortable high speed train from Amsterdam to spend some days hanging out in Paris. When we got out at Gare du Nord it was warm and a few hours later we were sitting outside at a restaurant in Montmartre, eating delicious Tibetan(!) food. Lees verder in Space Invaders

(Black) Plastic Beach

gergeti trinity church
Gergeti Trinity Church at mountain Kazbegi

About 3 weeks ago an email went around among friends: let’s go to Georgia for one week to have fun and see each other again. A reunion of people from Netherlands, England, France and Switzerland who were living in Georgia in 2007. Great idea, and a great way to spend some last summer days in a bit warmer climate. September is the best month to be in Georgia, because the temperature is perfect then.
My Swiss friend and I arrived both on the evening of the birthday party of our British friend currently living there. A good welcome with a fair amount of vodka to start the holiday with :-). The first 2 days we were hanging around in Tbilisi, looking at the changes in the city and eating and drinking at our old-time favorite places.

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Right-brained concreteness

Reading an article about left/right brain psychology in relation to webdesign, I did an online test of which the results looked very REALISTIC to me.

Thank you for taking the Creativity Test. The results show your brain dominance as being:
Left Brain     Right Brain
34%                66%

Ok, not really a surprise yet… but I do prefer non-fiction above fiction, I like art with some realism in it, and I like my texts and code to be clean and correct. What’s going on?

Well, see here the explanation of my right-left combination.

You are more right-brained than left-brained. The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. In addition to being known as right-brained, you are also known as a creative thinker who uses feeling and intuition to gather information. You retain this information through the use of images and patterns. You are able to visualize the “whole” picture first, and then work backwards to put the pieces together to create the “whole” picture. Your thought process can appear quite illogical and meandering. The problem-solving techniques that you use involve free association, which is often very innovative and creative. The routes taken to arrive at your conclusions are completely opposite to what a left-brained person would be accustomed. You probably find it easy to express yourself using art, dance, or music. Some occupations usually held by a right-brained person are forest ranger, athlete, beautician, actor/actress, craftsman, and artist.

So, there you go left-brained people! There is logic in my illogical processes!

Your complete evaluation follows below:

Your left brain/right brain percentage was calculated by combining the individual scores of each half’s sub-categories. They are as follows:

Your Left Brain Percentages
40%     Reality-based (Your most dominant characteristic)
27%     Sequential
9%     Symbolic
9%     Logical
7%     Verbal
0%     Linear (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages
46%     Concrete (Your most dominant characteristic)
40%     Fantasy-oriented
34%     Random
25%     Nonverbal
20%     Intuitive
12%     Holistic (Your least dominant characteristic)

That’s great: of my right brain, concreteness is my main characteristic (get to the point please!) and absolute zero is linearity. Linear patterns are boring, I always knew that :-).